WOW what an amazing night with Eric Byers!!!! Many thanks to all 95 of you who came out to dance with us and take the workshops earlier. Eric was everything we dreamed him to be, and more! He was funny, kind and filled with so much passion and knowledge. Eric taught us how to better communicate with our partners, shape our movements and incorporate musicality into our dance. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Eric for the great memories.

We’d also like to thank DJ Katie Fallon for keeping us dancing all night and to our board members Mandy KinseyKyle SimonLois GaskinsLori Wahl RousarTroy MyersSarah Jessica Tucker andJackie LoPresti for planning this great event. Many thanks to those who donated toward the raffle including Kyle Simon, Lori Wahl-Rousar, Corey Taylor Flowers, Ernie Virden and Pittsburgh Swing (Lauren Stoffer and May Oliphant). And to everyone who stayed to clean up, thank you. It truly was an incredible night and we are all so glad you could be a part of it.

Our next dance is Saturday, May 12 at 7:30 pm with Chris and Melissa Moy.