Hey look who turned 60 today – that’s right the CASH Bash Director himself, Ernie Virden! This man I’m about to tell you about is more than just his title: he is a family man with a huge heart. Whether you’re related to Ernie by blood or friendship, you know he will always take good care of you.

As CASH Bash Director for 18 years, Ernie made sure we all had beds to sleep in, breakfast when we got up and dinner before we danced all night, and kept us hydrated in the ballroom. He coordinated the staff (pros, DJs, judges) and volunteer schedules, being sensitive to everyone’s time. Ernie got people rides from the airport so they didn’t have to find their own way. I can only imagine how many times Ernie’s phone blew up weeks and months before CASH Bash with questions about registration, rides, rooms, etc. He also addresses any problems which arise. Now he’s mailing out awards to attendees who had to catch early flights and road trips home on Sunday.

How does he DO it all? I’ll tell you how: with that huge heart of his filled with passion for his dance family he created 18 years ago. Ernie from all of us in the CASH Dance Club and CASH Bash communities, we THANK YOU for everything and wish you the happiest of birthdays and several more to come! We love you!!!